How to Clean Hand Planes

Everyone now and then you might get a wooden plane or wooden tool that needs a bit of extra TLC. You know, one that can't just be soaked with BLO, sharpened and back ready for use. I have been using a combination of turpentine and boiled linseed oil to solve

How to Use a Strop

After creating the strop board I was eager to show you all how to use to get the best cutting edge possible. To show this process I wanted to use a chisel that a tad bit under the weather. The one I found looked like it had been sharpened on

Make a Strop Board

Sharpening tools is essential to and woodworking shop, power or hand tool. They cut better and are safer. After using sandpaper, whet stones, or oil stones, you can proceed to get an even better edge by honing. Honing is essentially placing a type of compound on some leather creating a