Bookshelf Build Day 1

We have had a bookshelf for years now. It was a cheap one from a store because we needed it at the time. Over the years it has gotten much use and is starting to fall apart. Leaning forward and tilting to the side. I figure it is about time to start a build to replace it. The lumber comes straight from the big box store. Day 1’s material is as follows
2- 1″x10″x6′

2- 1″x4″x8′

3- 1″x4″x6′

1- 1″x12″x4′

All material is pine, trying to find the pieces with the least amount of knots. This was a fairly easy task as it seamed that they had just got in a new batch of lumber.

After getting things home, sorted, and checked to see what was face side and also was was going to be top/bottom. I used a moving fillister plane create a rabbet on the inside back edge of both 1×10’s. This will be the spot where the back panel will be getting attached. I am planning on using bead board.

Setting those pieces to the side I started on the face frame. This will be using only the 1×4’s. I cut the first two pieces to 23″ in length. I want to overall width of the bookcase to be 30″ wide. For the vertical pieces of the frame I squared up on edge and the measured out to 6′, which is the exact height of the bookcase. Using pocket holes I attached both vertical and horizontal pieces together.

The two sides (1″x10″ boards) were brought back onto the workbench while the face frame was drying. This was going to get attached to the face frame with pocket holes as well. I came in on each end 1″ and made a hole. Then pulled from one end and marked every 12″ to make a hole. I then applied a bit of glue and attached the face frame and sides together. This leaves the assembly wobbly so a piece was needed as support on the back bottom. This piece was cut to 28 1/2″ and then attached with pocket holes as well.

To finish this day up I cut the top piece (1″x12″ board). I drilled all the holes to attach the top, but will not go any further until I create the molding for it.

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