Wall Hung/Bench Top Chisel Rack

Chisels are one of my most used tools in my shop besides the hand saw. They can chop, slice, and trim pieces to the exact fit that I'm looking for. A lot of times they get left out on the bench top and pushed to the side. There is no

HOW TO: Making a Half Lap Miter Joint

Have a bandsaw? What about a handsaw? Either way you can make a half lap miter joint easily and create even stronger corner joints. I go through some quick steps to accomplish this task on the bandsaw and then using a handsaw. If you enjoy this video consider following THIS

First Bolt Tongs

I've made a set of tongs before, but they were for flat stock. They work great and i needed something new to hold square stock while forging. Sometimes the pieces are just too short and I don't want to use just gloves. I decided to use some 5/8" stock that