Cheese Board and Hand Forged Cheese Slicer

The past few days in the shop I have been working on a cheese board and hand forged slicer. The board is made from walnut and maple. The dimensions are 11×7.5″ and whatever thickness was flat (no exact thickness). I started the first night with a basic glue up. Again I had no exact width I was aiming for. The maple was a piece from a local store and the walnut was a log I was just working with. I trimmed off the excess that was left in the length of the walnut, then flattened everything. After flattening everything looked square, so I rounded over the corners and the top edges on the router. For the corners I used the bandsaw and sanded to the line on my belt sander. Not perfect, but good enough to the eye. I then took it to the drill press and drill a 1 3/8″ hole near the corner for hanging purposes.

Next was working on the cheese slicer. This was a learning project. I was wanting to forge an eye for hanging, but have never created on. To start I tapered both ends of the round bar. I am getting better at how I place my hits and these tapers went smooth. After heating the middle section of the bar I used a piece of 3/4″round stock to bend the bar around. Now it was time for the eye forging. This was easier than I thought by using that 3/4″ round bar to put in the eye, then placed the tapered end in the vise and twisted about 3 times. Then it was smooth sailing bending over both tapered end and adding the metal wire.

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