Copper Laced Fruit Dish

I really like how copper and steel look together. I decided to use the combination this time making a fruit dish. This was no easy task for me as I had to figure out a way to create the dished effect with what I had. I first tried just shaping via a hole on my stump, then tried on my anvil. Neither worked so I found my saw horse and surprisingly that was the answer. After getting the shape down I was able to drill holes roughly 1/2″ apart. These were not measured though, so some gaps are bigger than others. I used an electric cord from an old vacuum to strip the wire from. After I got the border laced up I twisted the two ends to close the circuit. After looking at it I’m not happy with the twisting. I wish I would have tried to tie a bow or something like that. I used boiled linseed oil for a finish. Then it was time for a few photos.

Woodworker and blacksmith

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