Make a Strop Board

Sharpening tools is essential to and woodworking shop, power or hand tool. They cut better and are safer. After using sandpaper, whet stones, or oil stones, you can proceed to get an even better edge by honing. Honing is essentially placing a type of compound on some leather creating a sharpening surface to get a cleaner edge with a mirror finish. To do this you need a flat surface and a way to hold the piece of leather. The leather can be many different things; belts, purses, coats, couches; practically any leather that you can get. Some places even sell bundles of scrap leather. In the below video I show how to create a strop board that is not only portable for sharpening knives and such things, but is also able to be mounted to the bench for sharpening irons and chisels. Make sure to subscribe for the latest videos.

Woodworker and blacksmith

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