New Shop Vac- Likes/Dislikes

My workshop stays pretty dusting. I haven’t hadshop vac a good way to clean it in a long time and have recently been looking into shop vacs to help with the cleaning process. The first thing I noticed when starting to look for a new vacuum is there are a ton of different models. They range in size, power performance, attachments supplied, and even if they are on the ground or wall hung. Some were even stainless steal, but the majority were plastic. While looking at the vacuums I had narrowed the choice down to 2 different vacuums; a Ridgid from Home Depot or a Shop-Vac from Walmart. They both were pretty close to each other in size and power performance, but the price tag was a big difference. Check out the video for more details and also see the Shop-Vac doing it thing! Click here for the video or enjoy the show below!

Woodworker and blacksmith

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