Refinish a Wooden Jack Plane

Working with hand tools has beenjack plane a great joy for me. I like the feel of using the old tools. I have moulding planes, coffin planes, and big wooden jointer planes. One type of plane that I do not have though is a wooden jack plane. I was lucky enough to find one for a very decent price and jumped on the chance to get it. When it arrived it appeared not to have any makers mark. The iron was rusty and the body was very dry and a light grey color. This plane would need some work to get it into working order, but luckily all the parts were there and nothing was broken. Time to refinish it!

The body was grey in color and had a slight crack at the heal. You could tell it was starving for some oil love. I turned to my usual go to finish for wooden planes….boiled linseed oil. I dusted to plane off the best I could and put a liberal first coat on. Within 10 minutes all the oiled had seeped into the plane. It definitely needed a second and maybe even third coat. Letting it sit after the second coat showed that was all that was need for now. The color was now very dark and the body was now a lot cleaner.

Now for the iron. It was rusty and I started out by using scotch brite. That did nothing. I went to using sandpaper next and that barely touched the rust. My next attempt was successful by taking the iron and chipbreaker over to the wire wheel. I know this can be frowned upon, but sometimes it has to be done. This took about 15 to 20 minutes to clean it up and to my surprise revealed a maker, the Ohio Tool Company. After cleaning I took it back to the bench and went through a series of grits of sandpaper and also put it on a sharpening stone. The iron is now done and time to move onto the body.

Putting everything back together I pulled out a few pieces of lumber and started to get the iron correctly set. Now for a few passes and set this into the tool chest of users.

Woodworker and blacksmith

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