Restoring a Chisel as easy as 1-2-3

Chisels are a main part of woodworking. They can be bought new or evenchisel handle put on the bench for restoring later. Even if you are a power tool guy they still play a role in cleaning up joints. The can shave off the slightest bit of wood to get a fine fit or you can use them to really chop some wood. I have even used a chisel, a cheap one, to split some wood to use as kindling for the forge. Look in some households and you will find they get used to even open paint cans and in rare cases…even pry nails from wood. None the less chisels play an important role in a work shop or DIY household.

Chisels, however, are not the cheapest of tools. You can find some on the cheap side (good for opening paint cans), but the ones you want for woodworking can run $20 and above for a single chisel. A set of 4 that I had purchased a while ago included a 1/4″, 1/2″, 3/4″, and 1″ chisel and was around $50. This to me was great purchase and I’ve used this set of chisels A LOT over time and they hold a very good edge. Although having new chisels is nice, it could get expensive. So why not look at purchasing used ones? Searching through eBay you can find single chisels that need work or chisels sold in lots. This is a good route to go down for 3 reasons:
1- You can purchase chisels cheaper usually
2- You can hone in other skills such as sharpening and possibly creating new handles
3- Usually older chisels are made of better quality steel

Now we have got over the reasons for attempting to purchase used chisels, but how do you refinish them? I have included 3 separate videos showing the different steps and how easy it is to refinish a chisel that I purchased off eBay for only $1.50. You can not beat that! Take some time, watch the videos, then go search the internet and start savings some money.

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