Side Rabbet Plane Pt 2- The Heart of the Plane

This hand plane has really been fun to create so far. I would say it is almost 100% identical to the opposing side rabbet plane. The angles were tough to match up, but they are very close. The body of the plane has sat in the shop for the past couple days now and it is time for the next plane iron step and create what makes the plane do everything it is suppose to.

I first got a piece of O1 tool steel from a local hardware store. It is the same thickness as the original plane iron. After tracing an outline onto the piece of steel, I was able to rough cut the shape out and use a grinding wheel to totally remove the marker line. Cleaning up the iron and getting that perfect fit was a bit tedious and I even had to trim some of the wood away on the plane that I found wasn’t even. I put a good bevel on the iron and now it is just waiting for heat treating and final sharpening. That step and making the wedge are up next and then this baby will be done. Check out the video and make sure to subscribe.

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