Slow Winter Times and Handmade Key Rack

The cold is here and the shop is freezing. finished key rackAlong with this comes frozen glue bottles and not being able to use finishes. I try to do more smithing during the winter times because of the warm fire. My full time job has also been very busy keeping me away from the shop. I finally have been able to make it into the shop though as was able to get on my Ridgid bandsaw and combine some woodworking and smithing. I created a key rack for all my shop keys and “play toys” (camper, lawn mowers…). It was an easy project that used up some scrap metal and wood. The overall dimensions are 11″x6″x3/4″. It has two hand forged hooks that have twists going in the opposite directions and tight scrolls on the ends. The hooks are about 4″ long so they hang off the board a bit. I used my router and a key hole bit for hanging purposes and then mounted it to the wall using two screws placed in plastic anchors. Check out the video in this link or watch it below.

Woodworker and blacksmith

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