Millers Falls 1455B and Stanley 103

I'm starting to push towards more restorations and get things in working order. I want to have it so I can grab any plane or saw and it is ready to go. I have had a Millers Falls plane sitting in my chest for almost a year. I found it

The Sandusky No 66

The Sandusky No 66 came to me in pretty good shape. The usual rust was on the metal parts, but no major pitting. The body was very dry. There was no checking or damage which was a very good thing. It makes the restoration a lot quicker. The iron was

Stanley No 3 Type 11

A great user plane found its way into my shop many months ago. I have been doing a lot of restoring of tools, sharpening of saws, and lots of studying on the history of these tools and their ages. I figure I can start documenting these tools now as I