Handsaws: Which One to Use?

There is a lot to learn about handsaws. Learning which one to use can be intimidating at first. Do you use an 8 tpi (teeth per inch) or and 11 tpi saw? In this video I go over the differences between a rip saw, cross saw, and also show the

The Red Handle Saw

I'm cracking down on my hand saw restoration in preparation for a video on sharpening and what saw to use and why. I've had this one saw sitting in my bundle that has irritated me since it's arrival. It has a red painted handle! Everything was painted from the saw

Buying and Restoring Handsaws

Handsaws are a vital part of any hand tool shop. They are like the main artery in a body, without them the shop would not be around. I like to have multiple saws ready and available for use at any time for any job or task. These could get expensive

Handsaw Retoothing

I search my local antique stores at least every other week hoping to find a great deal on some old tool. I also like seeing the prices sometimes and the difference in what people charge. Recently I stumbled upon 3 handsaws. one was a Warrented Superior, another was a Disston,