Make a Strop Board

Sharpening tools is essential to and woodworking shop, power or hand tool. They cut better and are safer. After using sandpaper, whet stones, or oil stones, you can proceed to get an even better edge by honing. Honing is essentially placing a type of compound on some leather creating a

Handsaws: Which One to Use?

There is a lot to learn about handsaws. Learning which one to use can be intimidating at first. Do you use an 8 tpi (teeth per inch) or and 11 tpi saw? In this video I go over the differences between a rip saw, cross saw, and also show the

An Afternoon Rose

Today was a productive day. After eating a great egg sandwich for lunch my wife and I split ways on things we had to work on. She had a tile stone to make and also some cups to put vinyl on. She does a great job at her craft and

Dovetail Stool Pt 1 & 2

Sorry for the delay! I've been building a walnut stool with dovetail joinery. It is a simple design that has a nice added touch with the dovetails. Check out part 1 and 2 to catch up and stay tuned this friday for part 3, the finishing.

Stanley No 3 Type 11

A great user plane found its way into my shop many months ago. I have been doing a lot of restoring of tools, sharpening of saws, and lots of studying on the history of these tools and their ages. I figure I can start documenting these tools now as I