Making a Bowl Gouge Pt 2: The Handle and Testing

I have finished the bowl gouge by turning a handle from some of the walnut I had laying around. I tried to keep a tapered look to it, but my turning skills need improvement. After getting the handle turned I grabbed the epoxy and mixed up a small batch to

Restoring a Chisel as easy as 1-2-3

Chisels are a main part of woodworking. They can be bought new or even put on the bench for restoring later. Even if you are a power tool guy they still play a role in cleaning up joints. The can shave off the slightest bit of wood to get a

Holidays Are Over!

The year 2015 was very good. From not only growth on my YouTube channel, but also in the shop. I learned a lot and learning more everyday. I started using power tools again and slowly getting my shop adapted to being able to use those better. Organization is always playing