The Sandusky No 66

The Sandusky No 66 came to me in pretty good shape. The usual rust was on the metal parts, but no major pitting. The body was very dry. There was no checking or damage which was a very good thing. It makes the restoration a lot quicker. The iron was

Refinish a Wooden Jack Plane

Working with hand tools has been a great joy for me. I like the feel of using the old tools. I have moulding planes, coffin planes, and big wooden jointer planes. One type of plane that I do not have though is a wooden jack plane. I was lucky enough

Side Rabbet Plane Pt 2- The Heart of the Plane

This hand plane has really been fun to create so far. I would say it is almost 100% identical to the opposing side rabbet plane. The angles were tough to match up, but they are very close. The body of the plane has sat in the shop for the past

Side Rabbet Plane Pt. 1

A while ago I picked up a plane for $5 at a store. I didn't know exactly what it was or how it was used. It ended up being a side rabbet plane. These are used to widen dadoes and grooves. One thing was missing though, the other half. These