The Sandusky No 66

The Sandusky No 66 came to me in pretty good shape. The usual rust was on the metal parts, but no major pitting. The body was very dry. There was no checking or damage which was a very good thing. It makes the restoration a lot quicker. The iron was

Buying and Restoring Handsaws

Handsaws are a vital part of any hand tool shop. They are like the main artery in a body, without them the shop would not be around. I like to have multiple saws ready and available for use at any time for any job or task. These could get expensive

Restoring a Chisel as easy as 1-2-3

Chisels are a main part of woodworking. They can be bought new or even put on the bench for restoring later. Even if you are a power tool guy they still play a role in cleaning up joints. The can shave off the slightest bit of wood to get a