Millers Falls 1455B and Stanley 103

I'm starting to push towards more restorations and get things in working order. I want to have it so I can grab any plane or saw and it is ready to go. I have had a Millers Falls plane sitting in my chest for almost a year. I found it

Make a Strop Board

Sharpening tools is essential to and woodworking shop, power or hand tool. They cut better and are safer. After using sandpaper, whet stones, or oil stones, you can proceed to get an even better edge by honing. Honing is essentially placing a type of compound on some leather creating a

Xmasis Sharpening Stones

I have been looking for a set of sharpening stones for a while now. They are usually very expensive and definitely out of my price range. A new maker is on the block and making a name for themselves. These xmasis Sharpening Stones have two grits, 1000/3000, and fit into

Restoring a Chisel as easy as 1-2-3

Chisels are a main part of woodworking. They can be bought new or even put on the bench for restoring later. Even if you are a power tool guy they still play a role in cleaning up joints. The can shave off the slightest bit of wood to get a

Handsaw Retoothing

I search my local antique stores at least every other week hoping to find a great deal on some old tool. I also like seeing the prices sometimes and the difference in what people charge. Recently I stumbled upon 3 handsaws. one was a Warrented Superior, another was a Disston,