Cheese Board and Hand Forged Cheese Slicer

The past few days in the shop I have been working on a cheese board and hand forged slicer. The board is made from walnut and maple. The dimensions are 11x7.5" and whatever thickness was flat (no exact thickness). I started the first night with a basic glue up. Again

Scrap Wood Project- Candy Coffin Dish

Just in time for Halloween! Build this easy made candy dish in the shape of a coffin. after your base is in it’s final dimension (measurements included in video), there is no more measuring-even with the different angles. Check out the video and see how it is made. Please subscribe

Scrap Wood Pencil Holder

Every woodworker has that pile of scrap wood laying around. In this video I show you how you can use some of it up by making a pencil holder. This not only uses up some smaller pieces of wood, but also gives you something functional that you will use. I

Forged Leaf Hook

I got some time at the forge and made a decorative hook that has a leaf on one end. This will eventually go with 3 other to make a coat/hat rack.