Dovetail Stool Pt 1 & 2

Sorry for the delay! I've been building a walnut stool with dovetail joinery. It is a simple design that has a nice added touch with the dovetails. Check out part 1 and 2 to catch up and stay tuned this friday for part 3, the finishing.

Stanley No 3 Type 11

A great user plane found its way into my shop many months ago. I have been doing a lot of restoring of tools, sharpening of saws, and lots of studying on the history of these tools and their ages. I figure I can start documenting these tools now as I

Buying and Restoring Handsaws

Handsaws are a vital part of any hand tool shop. They are like the main artery in a body, without them the shop would not be around. I like to have multiple saws ready and available for use at any time for any job or task. These could get expensive

Holidays Are Over!

The year 2015 was very good. From not only growth on my YouTube channel, but also in the shop. I learned a lot and learning more everyday. I started using power tools again and slowly getting my shop adapted to being able to use those better. Organization is always playing

Slow Winter Times and Handmade Key Rack

The cold is here and the shop is freezing. Along with this comes frozen glue bottles and not being able to use finishes. I try to do more smithing during the winter times because of the warm fire. My full time job has also been very busy keeping me away